Why Got-Autism?

In 2005 our son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Asperger Syndrome. SPD and ADHD didn’t sound so bad. In our naivete, ADHD and SPD sounded manageable. It wasn’t until the developmental pediatrician said the word “autism” that our world literally fell apart.

After recovering from the initial shock, we began the list of therapeutic interventions and protocols. In my quest to locate therapeutic resources, I was hard-pressed to find any comprehensive line of autism-specific products. Growing up in a family business, it wasn’t a far leap to think “why can’t we do this for others affected by autism.”  In living with the challenges of autism 24/7, I wanted to create a product line that would take the sting out of autism for both child and family.

With the support of family and my Hydrotech colleagues, Got-Autism opened for business in November 2008. Today the Got-Autism store features over 1500 therapeutic, educational, and sensory solutions for the autism spectrum, Asperger Syndrome, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and other learning and behavioral differences. Just like the autism spectrum itself, our product offering is vast and unique. We also carry the latest autism resources for parents, educators, therapists, and professionals working with developmental disabilities. From oral motor fidgets to social skills activities to customized indoor sensory gyms, we have products for all ages, abilities, and budgets.

Our mission is simple: to help those with autism achieve satisfying and productive lives. Ultimately, we want to encourage and give hope to families raising children with autism. In this endeavor, Got-Autism donates 5% of every purchase back to the autism community. Got-Autism is financially supporting seven autism-related non-profit organizations: Families with ASD , 4 Paws for Ability , ACT Today for Military Families , Autism Society of Greater Cincinnati , Summit Academy Schools , Safe Haven Farms , Cincinnati Therapeutic Riding & Horsemanship .

From sponsoring awareness events, funding therapy services, to helping with the costs of training autism service dogs, we believe in paying it forward. We not only want our customers to be inspired, but also empowered. This is the inspiration for our work.

We get our best product ideas from our customers. If you’re looking for a specific resource for a child or for yourself, we’ll be happy to help!  Got Autism? Yes! We do too! Thanks for sharing the journey,

Tammy Andersson