Using Computer Gaming Software as Assistive Technology

How often do you ask your child to “get off the computer and do some work” – the word ‘work’ can translate to everything from assignments to chores, exercise and even, play – actual physical activity! Here’s a new gaming software that can keep both you and your child happy – Timocco. It’s a virtual motion gaming system that is designed to isolate and develop specific movements and skills for varying levels of ability. 

Yes, it’s a computer game that turns therapy into fun!


But it isn’t only a game for fun and pleasure, it’s also a therapeutic intervention that provides a valuable and constructive supplemental aid for therapy. Just like children are encouraged to draw or paint during clinical therapy in order to improve motor accuracy even though they can do that at home, we can encourage them also to use Timocco and play a computer.

The use of a computer in therapy can help children deal with challenges and tasks that in other situations they would possibly be deterred from. Also, the computer represents a safe, known and recognizable environment that children are accustomed to and it can help to increase motivation to deal with challenges that children with special needs often face.

It’s exactly because they have a computer at home, that the computer can be a motivation tool during clinical therapy. For today’s generation, where children spend many hours in front of computer screens, using smartphones and other tech devices, the use of a computer during therapy can help a child to participate and to play.

“Also, as occupational therapists, we’re aware of the importance of therapy that is connected to meaningful everyday tasks and ׁactivities that our clients pursue. Here at Timocco, we’ve taken computer usage and turned it into something that’s productive, beneficial and progressive”, says Sarit Tresser, OT and Founder of Timocco.


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