2015 Empower Inspire

Got-Autism gives back 5% of every purchase to autism advocacy, family service and therapy organizations. Our mission is simple: to help those with autism achieve satisfying and productive lives. Your patronage helps us Empower and Inspire those working towards achieving a similar goal.

In 2015, we were able to make a difference for these wonderful organizations:

Ken Anderson Foundation

Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley

St. Aloysius Orphanage



Ozioma Hope

North Penn Parents Special Ed Council

Autistic Endeavors

St. Joseph Orphanage

Autism Society of Greater Cincinnati

Goodworks Farm

Little Sisters of the Poor

Rose Garden Home Mission


Got-Autism delivered toys to Rose Garden Mission which handed out 900 wrapped toys this year at their annual Christmas Giveaway on December 22. Seen here are Mother Seraphina, Sister Claire and Tammy Andersson.


Southern Utah Autism support Group

Northwest Ohio Apraxia Support Group

EDCO Habilitative Services Project

Aroostook Autism Support Group

Aspies of Greater Akron

Evergreen Partners

Mea’Alofa Autism Support Group

Sarah’s Covenant HomeIMG_20151215_115838025_HDR

Riverview East Academy – Adopt of School – Autism Unit


Jenn Jordan(Q102), Tammy Andersson (Got-Autism President/Founder), Jennifer Fritsch (Fristch on Q102), Tim Timmerman (Q102), Brittany Oestreicher (advocate- volunteer extraordinaire)



Passing out Got-Autism goody bags at Riverside East Academy (Cincinnati) – with Tim Timmerman (Q102) and Brittany Oestreicher (autism advocate)


Passing out bags with Jenn Jordan (right hand corner)